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Who We Are

One Mom, Paving the Way for Change . . .
Transition22 was founded by Robin Kantrowitz

Robin is the Radiology Supervisor at Winchester Hospital in Massachusetts and has over 30 years experience as a healthcare professional. However, her most important role is “Mom” to Adam and Heather, both in their twenties. Adam is autistic.

Originally from New York, Robin moved to Massachusetts in 1988 to enroll Adam in the Boston Higashi School for Autism. He attended both the day and residential programs (from age 3 to 21) before transitioning into the community at age 22.

As a result of Robin’s tireless journey to ensure that Adam received the best services and care possible, she has become “an expert” and now coaches other families on how to advocate for their loved one. Robin’s message is a simple one . . . Be a strong advocate and stay true to your vision of your loved one. Never let the No’s be a disappointment. Make them a passage way to YES!

In Robin’s own words  . . .
Advocacy is my passion and it has been the underpinning of my work for over 20 years. Experiencing Adam’s journey through specialized schooling and then the extensive process of transitioning into the community, I learned that the transition process is both multi-faceted and extraordinarily challenging. To maneuver within it, in a word, is just DAUNTING!

However, to take care of my son, look out for his well-being and his future, I had to adopt a “NEVER ACCEPT NO AS AN OPTION” mentality. The skills that I developed over the years, I now use to help families navigate through the emotionally overwhelming and politically complex labyrinth of government and private sector programs.

Turning 22 is significant for individuals with disabilities because services are no longer an entitlement. It’s then up to their families to pursue community support, job opportunities and housing – all of which are limited.

As a result, my goals for Transition22 are:

  • To raise awareness to the challenges of transition.
  • To successfully influence those who have the means and ability to change the transition process, thereby making it more effective and efficient. Ultimately, rendering it more “user friendly” for families.
  • To advocate for families, empowering them to understand the system so that they can obtain the support and services needed.
  • Raise money for organizations that help individuals with disabilities (aged 22+) and their families by teaching advocacy, creating jobs and providing housing.

 Robin can be reached at

My Inspiration . . . 
Robin's son, Adam

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