Paving the transition path to help families find hope and practical advice

Who Is Robin Kantrowitz? What Is Transition22?

Who is Robin Kantrowitz? What is Transition22? Well, I am not a big corporation or a large non-profit. I am a healthcare professional. However, more importantly, I am a mom who has a wonderful son with Autism. And, because of that experience, I wanted to help other moms and dads whose situation is similar to mine. That’s how Transition22 was born.

Transition22 supports families during the transitional process. With the help of our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Transition22 raises money that goes directly to families to cover the specific needs of their individual with a disability. For example, educational needs. In this regard, Transition22 donated an iPad to one family. iPads have become such a wonderful learning tool because the Apps provide educational growth. My goal for Transition22 is to continue to provide educational growth for families and their individuals with disabilities.

Why directly to the families? Because I am a strong believer that the families are the ones that know how their individual would be the most happy and fulfilled. So, towards that, a piece of advice for families . . .

Plan for and have a vision of how you want your loved one to live as an adult. This needs to be a mind set! Let go of the day-to-day things that weigh you down and write down all the things that would enrich your loved one’s life.

You may not get everything on your wish list. However, the important part is that the agencies involved in helping you will know that you have a vision.

I have lived with the following guiding principles:

·         Never let ‘NO” stop you from your journey to a “YES.”

·         Embrace “CHANGE” as a good thing.

·         Focus on your individual’s strengths, not their weaknesses.

·         Remember that your life is just a “different kind of normal.”

·         Life is not a “dress rehearsal.” Live it to the fullest!

My story is just one of many. The need for support groups, networking, educational tools and knowledge surrounding available services for individual with disabilities is critical. And, what you need to know in order to successfully navigate the myriad of complex processes within the system is daunting.

So, it is my desire to offer support to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities – as well as their families – to best prepare them for the age of 22. This website is designed to provide tools through testimonials, consultation and fundraising to best prepare these individuals before and during their transition from the school delivery system into the community.

This road is not one to be traveled alone. Together, we can make a difference.

Taking the steps together,



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