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I Had a Vision For My Son, Adam

I had a vision for my son, Adam. And, I am not sure why this vision came to me so early in his life.  Maybe it’s because when I thought of how I wanted his adult life to be, I also thought about the life that I needed to have.

I always thought of transition as Adam having a life and me having a life too. Some may feel that sounds selfish. But, not to me. At the time, I wanted what every parent wants for their child – a life that is full and rich as it possibly could be. I did not want Adam’s Autism to limit him. Most especially, I did not want him to miss anything if/when I was not there.

This website was created to get the message out – to make everyone aware that the transition at age 22 for individuals with disabilities is a journey and a process. I am so fortunate to have services for Adam and there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful. However, not every family is the same.

This website tells the story of several families, as well as my own. Through this blog, I’m reaching out to all families who love an individual with a disability and I encourage them to submit their story to Transition22. Why stories? Because family stories are powerful and we learn from them.

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