Paving the transition path to help families find hope and practical advice

God Does Everything For a Reason . . .

Have you ever heard the expression "God does everything for a reason?" I believe it means that sometimes things happen – that you do not want to happen! Nevertheless, they do. And, once they do, you have to learn how to cope and deal with it. While difficult to realize initially, there is usually a higher purpose for it.

I guess you can say that I did not sign up to have a son with Autism. But, I did. And, it forever changed the life that I once knew. I had a new reality and I faced with lots of questions. However, at the time, there were really no answers.

My son, Adam, is now an adult. My life and journey with him – through all the trials, tribulations and unbelievably joyful moments – taught me a lot. As a result of what I have done for almost 30 years, I have a greater understanding of what families are going through now. As they say “Been there, done that!” But, more importantly, it has led me to develop Transition22. A resource to help families. A place to get their questions answered. Somewhere just to get a little support. So, in my case, it turns out that Transition22 is the “higher purpose.”

Taking the steps together,

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